3,000 new residential units, an artificial lake, and a revamped casino are just a few features of a huge Hollywood Park makeover

TheĀ new Rams stadium being constructed in Inglewood has been hogging quite a bit of the development spotlight lately, and that makes sense. After all, it’s beenĀ more than 20 years since an NFL team called Los Angeles home. Still, the future Rams arena (and possible site of the 2020 Super Bowl) isn’t the only big project planned for the massive parcel of land left behind after the demolition of the Hollywood Park Racetrack. In fact, Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s new sports facility is a fairly new addition to a huge mixed-use development that has been in the works for more than a decade.

Renderings courtesy of Hart Howerton

Fresh renderings seen here showcase plans for a project that will bring 3,000 units of housing, 620,000 square feet of retail space, a luxury hotel, and a revamped Hollywood Park Casino. The 238-acre property was acquired by developers Wilson Meany and Stockridge back in 2005, but construction didn’t break ground until 2014, due to the downturn in the housing market. Now, the project is moving right along, with work set to wrap up in 2023.


The stadium-adjacent housing will consist primarily of apartments and townhouses, interspersed with green park space. An artificial lake, complete with waterfalls, will provide a not-so-drought-friendly centerpiece to the community space. A representative for Hart Howerton, the architectural firm helping to develop the project, says that the firm has been trying to ensure that the housing and retail components of the complex will integrate smoothly with the surrounding neighborhood.


At the same time, the developers clearly want the project to stand out. Special care has been taken to make the complex a visually arresting sight from the windows of the 1,500 aircrafts that fly overhead and land nearby at LAX daily. Winding streets and paths should set the area apart when viewed from what Hart Howerton describes as the “Fifth Elevation.” It probably won’t be quite as eye-grabbing as the giant billboard that’s set to adorn the roof of the new stadium, but the aerial view here is certainly impressive.




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