Felix Zulauf Gives Rare Interview

Most likely, you have not heard of Felix Zulauf.  He is one of the top money managers in the world.  He is the owner of Zulauf Asset Management in Switzerland.  Mr. Zulauf  manages money for some of the wealthiest people in the world.  He rarely gives interviews.  He did recently give an interview to King World News.

Mr. Zulauf confirms what I have believed, and often written about here, that the current debt of the US (and other countries) is not sustainable.  As a result, we are entering a deflationary period, and will likely experience a financial crisis greater than any we have experienced in the past.  He feels that our monetary system will break down and we will likely have to issue new currency.  He recommends owning gold, real estate and other hard assets rather than currency.

If you want to listen to what I consider a very enlightening and informative interview, please listen to this brief interview of Felix Zulauf.

Go here and then just click on the purple mp3 button just above his biography on the left hand side.

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